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Handyman in Bloomfield

If you’re looking for a local handyman who can do everything from masonry work to electrical repair, look no further than the family-owned company of Specialty Handyman LLC. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, we’re the team for you. Call us at (586) 354-6089 today.


What Home Improvements Are on Your To-Do List?

There is a lot that people don’t tell you about owning a home. No one ever tells you that there are so many things you must worry about. There are the faucets, your flooring, your electrical wiring, and more.

General wear and tear, forgetfulness, and honest mistakes can leave you needing a variety of repairs. Given that first time homeowners are new to household matters and, you then need to find someone to help you with all these problems.

After owning a home for a while, your address book is brimming with phone numbers for electricians, floor tilers, exterior painters, and eavestrough experts. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one contact for all these surfaces rather than keeping track of all these different contractors?

That’s where we come in.

The Family-Owned and Family-Approved Handyman

We’re not just a family-owned company, our family has three generations of masonry experience. While we think that says a thing or two about our company, our devoted clients think it says a whole lot about us.

We’re the masons and handymen that bridge that gap between time-honored traditions and innovative new techniques. With us, you get a company who’s never lost sight of their values, but who are also embracing the future of home renovations and improvements.

Handyman Services with a Strong Emphasis in Masonry

With three generations of masonry experience, masonry is most definitely our specialty. But that doesn’t mean it’s our sole service. Our other most-requested and performed services include:

  • Bathroom Sink Installation
  • Counter Top installation and Repairs
  • Tile Repair and Installation
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Windows and Doors
  • …and more!

You Only Pay for Your Home Repairs After the Work Is Completed!

We want to earn our clients trust. We want them to feel more like our fellow community members rather than anonymous customers.

In the interest of making you feel safe and secure in your decision to work with us, you only pay for our services after we’ve completed the work. Few companies do business this way, but we just think it’s the least we can do.

Incredible Discounts on Our Amazing House Repairs

Do you live with a disability? Are you a veteran? If so, we have a 10% discount for you!

Flexible Scheduling Options for Your Odd Jobs

We know how frustrating it can be to have a handyman marching through your home. To make things less bothersome, we let you come up with the work schedule. We’ll work around your schedule instead of the other way around!

The Only Repairman You’ll Ever Need to Call

We’re your go-to team for all things home-related. Call us at (586) 354-6089 to request our services!